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Get Rid of Intestinal Worms

Intestinal worms can be described as parasites that feed on the human body. They are mostly found in the gastro-intestinal tract of a person, primarily on the intestinal wall. Though everyone is susceptible to the disease, it is more often found in children. In fact, at a single time, they can be infected with more than one type of worm.

Things you can do:

1. Swallow a small piece of asafoetida rolled in fresh butter. This is effective in deworming.

2. Eat papayas frequently.

3. Mix a teaspoon of turmeric powder with a pinch of salt and have it in the morning.

4. Fry a teaspoon of neem flowers in a teaspoon of ghee. Mix with a cup of boiled rice, and eat this twice a day.

5. Mix a teaspoon of fried fenugreek powder in water and drink thrice a day for three days.

6. Drink a glass of buttermilk to which is added a tablespoon of bittergourd juice.

7. A teaspoon of dried and powdered neem leaves mixed with jaggery should be taken every day for two weeks.

8. Prepare a hot infusion of neem bark. Take six teaspoons twice a day for a week.

9. Eat a paste of neem leaves on an empty stomach and chase it down with a glass of warm water.

10. Take pineapple juice everyday.

11. An infusion made of water and cuminseeds, and taken regularly serves as a great antiseptic against hookworm infection.

12. Garlic is an excellent worm expeller.

13. Mint juice is beneficial in the treatment of threadworms, and should be taken with lemon juice and honey thrice daily.

14. About 20 drops of the juice of raw turmeric rhizomes with a pinch of salt should be taken in the morning.


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