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Broccoli | The New Superfood

Superfoods are foods that hold higher than normal nutrition.  Foods which strengthen your immune system, increase skin health, and reverse the signs of aging.

Yes, super foods slow the aging process! 
Growers are always looking for new ways to improve food.  Take mushrooms for example, Mushrooms are now exposed to ultraviolet light, which increases the amount of Vitamin D. A non-dairy way to increase your Vitamin D.
 As you can see, the superfoods list is growing. Everywhere you turn a new food is being classified as “super." Do you remember the times when your mother used to be behind you to eat vegetables because they were good for you? I surely do. And guess what? Our mother was right.

This super food has been around for a long time, and now it has been made even better. Now, broccoli has not lost its nutritional standing.  In fact, it has been made stronger, and better through years of careful planning and breeding. 
The breeding of two different types of broccoli has resulted in …

Eating For Small And Happy Fat Cells

One thing that is hard for people to wrap their head around is that their fat cells are there to stay. This ain't' a horrible news because your fat cells have an incredible ability to not just expand, but shrink as well. So you can get the lean body you desire without losing a single fat cell; you just need to make them smaller.
Here are three simple diet tips to help you keep your fat cells small and happy.
1. Reduce, Dont Eliminate Your Carbs– Cutting out carbohydrates entirely from your diet isn't the best idea for most people. Yes, very low carbohydrate diets do work, but you can get just as good of results by reducing and rearranging your carbs just a little bit. Here’s what to do. Grains (like breads, pasta, rice, oats, etc.) and starchy carbs (like potatoes) should be eaten first thing in the morning and directly after you exercise. So if you don’t exercise before dinner, no potatoes for you (read in your best Soup Nazi voice). The rest of the time, fill your plate …