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The Three Heart-Healthy Snacks

You may not be able to change your family history of high heart disease risk, but there are certain things that you can change that will decrease or even prevent your risk for developing heart disease. 
A heart-healthy diet that includes fruits, vegetables and essential fats plus a well structured exercise program constitute the keys to prevention of heart disease.
There are many heart-healthy food choices that you can make, these are the ones that I recommend to prevent major cardiac event.

1. Apples

After cranberries, Apples are the second most consumed snack food in the world. It could be due to their high fiber content (specially with its skin) or its supply of vitamins and minerals. Whatever the reason is, these can be included in your heart-healthy snacks list. 

* They have been shown to reduce bad cholesterol. 
* The fiber present in Apples makes you feel fuller for longer time.
* Consuming Apples can prevent you from over eating.
* They prevent oxidative stress and posses anti-inflamm…