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FITNESS during Holidays

Stressed out > Vacation > Have to lose 5-10 pounds
Isn't this true?
Why is this happening?
Cause once you start with your vacation, you forget about your workouts and your diet. All you do is, enjoy the beach with a nice drink and fill your tummy to the fullest. It's time to stop these vacation extra pounds from taking control of your body. I know, Vacations are the perfect time to enjoy much needed rest and relaxation. But just because you take a leave from your job or stay away from home doesn't mean you have to be away from your workouts too.
Test your exercise routine at home before travelling. This will make you continue your workouts even during holidays.  In case, you aren't sure about about the facilities at your destination, Plan the workouts which do not require equipment like Treadmill, Rowing machine etc.
Eating healthy! I know, this is a challenge. Eating healthy on roads can be a challenge. Restaurants and Hotels offer healthier choices, it's up to y…